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CT2 Steering Committee
Clemson Thinks2 Steering Committee
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 Clemson Thinks2 Steering Committee:

  The University began to develop the QEP in 2010 when faculty and administrative leaders attended a SACSCOC reaffirmation orientation in Atlanta. University President James Barker appointed a Steering Committee based on recommendations of College Deans and Vice Presidents. President Barker appointed Dr. Debra Jackson, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Assistant to the President, and Dr. William Surver, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Biology and former Faculty Senate President, as co-chairs of the Steering Committee. President Barker charged the Steering Committee with responsibility to select, plan, and implement the QEP on behalf of Clemson University. In his instructions to the steering Committee, President Barker outlined six requirements for the QEP:

  • It must align with Clemson’s 2020 Road map.
  • It must be campus wide.
  • It must be open to all.
  • It must involve engagement.
  • It must be transformative.
  • It must be sustainable.

Under this charge, the Steering Committee began its work in September 2011.
Clemson Thinks2 Steering Committee members from left to right:

Front Row: Perry Austin, Ellen Granberg, Aija Seflic, William Surver, Debra Jackson, Linda Nilson, Barbara Speziale, Teresa Henry, Joey Maxwell
Back Row: Neill Cameron, David Tonkyn, Kelly Smith, Mary Beth McCubbin, Jan Murdoch, Verna Howell, Eric Shoaf, David Hartmann, Kathy Woodard, Erin McCave, Kathy Hobgood, John Cooper, James Gaubert, David Knox, Michael LeMahieu, William Pennington, Roy Jones