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Clemson Thinks2 Implementation: One of the most important benefits that a university education affords students is the ability to think critically. While most teachers claim to teach critical thinking, and while many do, few can articulate precisely how it happens. Clemson Thinks2, Clemson University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), is an ambitious experiment in critical thinking that aspires to transform student learning and faculty teaching across the curriculum and in the disciplines. The foundation of this effort will be a series of second-year critical thinking (CT2) Seminars, a cohort of CT2 Faculty Scholars, a faculty development program, a rigorous assessment plan, and a scholarly research program.

Spring 2014 CT2 Seminars

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Course Class Name Instructor
ANTH 3510 Biological Anthropology Katherine Weisensee
BIOL 2000 Biology in the News David Tonkyn
BIOL 2000 Biology in the News Christine Minor
CSM 1500  Construction Problem Solving Roger Liska
CU 2010 Sustainability Leadership Jennifer Goree
ENGL 4400 Literary Theory Brian McGrath
ENSP 2000 Introduction to Environmental Science Scott Brame
HLTH 2020 Introduction to Public Health Ralph Welsh
MTHS 3190 Introduction to Proof Michael Burr
PHIL 1010 Introduction to Philosophic Problems Christopher Grau
PSYC 3100 Advanced Experimental Psychology Benjamin Stephens
PSYC 3100 Advanced Experimental Psychology Paul Merritt
SOC 2020 Social Problems Stephanie Southworth
SOC 4600 Race and Ethnicity Brenda Vander May
STS 2150 A Critical Approach to the Global Challenge of Technological Revolutions Tom Oberdan
THEA 2100 Theatre Appreciation Shannon Robert