“The Difficult We Do Right Away. The Impossible Will Take A Little Longer.”
USS Yorktown Machine Shop

2006 Clemson Video Staff

Clemson Video Services strives to provide professional video for the Clemson Athletic Department. For over 15 years Clemson Video has handled the video taping, editing, and duplication of all practices and games. With today's athletic climate changing constantly, it takes an organized and competent staff to execute the day to day activities required by all sports.

Rick Bagby, in his 8th year as Director of Video Services, heads a department which is divided into two units: Coaches' Video, which is directed by Henry Guess; and Post-Production which is directed by Chad Lampman.


The goal of the Clemson University Athletic Video Services Department is to provide professional and quality video assistance to the coaches and student-athletes of the 19 varsity sports.

We believe that quality video production can be a key to athletic success. Therefore by striving to provide a quality product in a professional manner we can assist each varsity sport with the means to obtain the goals outlined in both the University's and Athletic Department's mission statement.