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Faculty and Staff Profile

Sergey Mityakov

Associate Professor

Office: Sirrine 345
Phone: +1-773-931-9808
Fax: +1-864-656-4192
Personal Website:

 Educational Background

PhD Economics
University of Chicago 2008

MA Economics
New Economic School 2002

MS Mathematics
Voronezh State University 2001

BS Mathematics
Voronezh State University 1999

 Courses Taught

Financial Economics
Economic Development
Intermediate Macroeconomics

 Research Interests

Corporate Finance, Emerging Markets, Development Economics

 Research Publications

"Foreign Corporations and the Culture of Transparency: Evidence from Russian Administrative Data” (joint with Serguey Braguinsky) (2015), Journal of Financial Economics
“Direct Estimation of Hidden Earnings: Evidence from Administrative Data” (2014) Journal of Law and Economics (joint with S. Braguinsky and A. Liskovich)
“International Politics and Import Diversification” (2013) Journal of Law and Economics (joint with K. Tsui, H. Tang)
“Special Interests and Financial Liberalization: the Case of Mexico” (2011) Economics & Politics, 23(1): 1-35
“Stern Review on Economics of Climate Change: Inconvenient Sensitivities” (2009) (with Christof Ruehl), Energy
and Environment, 20(5): 779-798
“How Much Does It Cost to Avoid Climate Change”(2009)(with Bryan Buckley) World Economics 10(1):107-150.