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Office of Sponsored Programs Support Center

The purpose of the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Support Center is to serve faculty with their research needs. This includes assistance in finding funding opportunities, budget development and proposal review, application and submission, award acceptance and post-award management. The OSP Support Center is unique in that it handles pre-award management in the same office as post-award management.      

OSP Support Center Services

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Eric Muth

Eric Muth, Ph.D., currently serves as the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Science Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies (ADR&G). In that role, he also manages the College of Business’s funded research portfolio.  Muth came to Clemson University and the Department of Psychology in 2000 after serving as an Aerospace Experimental Psychologist at the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory in Pensacola, FL. His work focuses on developing solutions that improve human performance and lead to healthier lives, and he is the co-developer of the Bite Counter.

As the ADR, Eric sees his job as a program manager of the College’s research portfolio; his biggest role being to facilitate others, to provide opportunities for them and to remove the barriers. He believes all research at a public institution is funded research in the sense that someone is paying for it, whether it be internal or external funding. Muth understands that not all disciplines have opportunities for funding from large agencies such as NSF or NIH and therefore faculty within those disciplines should not be expected to do externally funded research. Those faculty are charged with supporting the College and University research mission by training students, publishing papers, presenting at conferences, etc.

Muth’s approach to growing the College’s research portfolio is to get more faculty to think entrepreneurial; focusing on people and process and not just dollars and cents. Ultimately, a successful research portfolio is built by faculty doing good science, not through external funding, and that must never be forgotten. As ADR, he strives to support and grow the College’s team of scientist entrepreneurs and rise to the challenge of a Carnegie Research Very High rating through good science and strategic thinking.

Eric Muth Eric Muth
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