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Career Planning

Job offers will not come to you unless you prepare and search. Your preparation begins your freshman year and continues until you receive your degree(s). You are currently "writing" your resume through your selection of coursework, activities and work experience. You want to "write" a resume that will distinguish you, get you noticed by recruiters and bring you interviews. Careers do not happen; they are made!


  • Job Search Guide - You cannot begin too early, as what you are doing today builds (or fails to build) your resume. Plan ahead by consulting this resource produced by the Office of Student Enrichment. It is an excellent source of "dos and don'ts" with regards to constructing your resume and highlighting your collegiate, internship and part-time job activities. It also contains excellent advice about applying for internships and jobs, how to conduct yourself in interviews and other business settings, as well as, information about different interviewing styles and typical interview questions.
  • ClemsonJobLink Cheat Sheet - Step-by-step instructions on registering with ClemsonJobLink, creating your profile, uploading documents, searching for job opportunities, applying for a position, signing up for on-campus interviews and finding employer information sessions.
  • Accounting Career Paths - This link takes you to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' (AICPA) website "Start Here Go Places." This website is designed to introduce the accounting profession to high school and college students. It is a good source of information about the accounting profession.
  • Accounting Certifications - This website identifies some of the different accounting certifications that may be obtained through education, testing and/or experience. These certifications are described and links are given to their sponsoring organizations, where they are described in more detail along with providing the educational, testing and/or experience required to obtain the certification.
  • Becoming a CPA in South Carolina - This link describes South Carolina's requirements to become licensed as a CPA. Please note that each CPA jurisdiction (typically a state) has its own education and experience requirements.
  • Free AICPA Student Membership - This link takes you to the AICPA website where you may register as a student member (no membership fee).