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Creative Inquiry

Creative Inquiry (CI) classes are team-based, instructor-led investigative opportunities. Finance CIs normally last for two semesters. CIs offered each year will vary. Recent CIs in finance include:

  • The CFA Global Research Challenge – a student team performs various financial techniques to value a corporation. This valuation (comprises a written and oral component) is judged at the local level in Atlanta. Teams winning that competition may go on to the regional or world competitions.
  • Bloomberg Certification – Students receive in-depth training on the Bloomberg machine and can achieve certification once passing the exam requirements.
  • Financial Planning Challenge – Students will work as a team to write a comprehensive financial plan for a case study client during the spring semester as part of the national Financial Planning Challenge hosted by the Financial Planning Association. Schools chosen to attend the fall national conference will present the financial plan orally and participate in a quiz bowl. The top three schools are awarded monetary scholarships.