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M.S. and Ph.D. Programs



The Master of Science in Management (M.S.M.) program prepares professionals to be effective leaders in supply chain, innovation and information technology management. Graduates will have the advanced technical, entrepreneurial and leadership skills necessary to succeed as mid- or upper-level managers in manufacturing, service and consulting organizations. The M.S.M. program also prepares qualified students for further doctoral studies. M.S.M. students benefit immensely from the focused curriculum, close coordination of courses with the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, and small class sizes.

The Ph.D. program in Management is designed to provide advanced education for students of outstanding ability who desire to pursue careers in academic research institutions. The program currently features three distinct, focused tracks:

1. Information Systems
2. Supply Chain and Operations Management
3. Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behavior

The coursework for the Ph.D. in Management includes a rigorous research methodology and intellectually stimulating and challenging track-specific foundation, advanced methods and subject-related seminars. In addition, each track requires a comprehensive examination and successful completion of the doctoral dissertation.

A variety of learning experiences are incorporated into both tracks, including the development of conceptual frameworks and theories, qualitative case and empirical studies, field projects, and in-depth research. Within the management department, Ph.D. students have tremendous opportunities to conduct cross-disciplinary research between the tracks. Our goal is to position our graduates for scholarly academic careers at colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and the world.

Before applying for graduation, each student must either (a) have presented, or had accepted for presentation, a paper before a professional or scientific society or (b) have had an article published, or accepted for publication, in a refereed journal. In addition, each student must have classroom teaching experience.

The program is designed for full-time students who remain on-campus during the entire duration of their doctoral study. Most students typically complete the program in four calendar years.