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Grant supports Clemson educator’s international blockchain research
Blockchain is a trending topic most commonly known as the technology behind digital currencies, like Bitcoin. But a Clemson University researcher is looking to analyze how businesses can make better use of blockchain’s capabilities to improve their processes. Marten Risius, assistant professor of management in the College of Business, is collaborating with Kai Spohrer, assistant […]

Deconstructing the food chain
Food does not simply go from the farm to the table any more. It doesn’t even go from the factory to the table. Most the ingredients of, say, a loaf of bread are shipped to the factory from an array of outside suppliers, who are often based in other countries. So why does it matter?

Clemson study finds all talk, no empathy thwarts partnership progress
An exhaustive examination of partners with varying backgrounds attempting to work together on important social issues concluded that good intentions and talking things through provided little basis for progress, according to a Clemson University study. Researchers, led by Erin Powell, assistant professor in the College of Business, studied eight cross-sector partnerships comprised of people with […]

Management professors rank among top influential authors
Three Clemson University College of Business professors are among the most influential authors in their respective areas of expertise, according to an analysis of the most frequently cited author/researchers within the business management discipline. Department of Management professors Aleda Roth (supply chain management/organizational research methods), Phil Roth (organizational behavior/human resource management) and Zeki Simsek (strategic […]

Clemson study challenges job experience in hiring decisions
Experience required. It’s a common refrain found on many job postings. But research conducted by a team of researchers, including a College of Business professor at Clemson University, suggests that previous job experience is not all that it’s cracked up to be as a predictor of whether one will succeed in a future job. “The […]

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