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Clemson-Frankfurt research helps distinguish social media fake news
Surveys suggest 75 percent of American adults struggle with distinguishing real news from hoaxes on social media posts. Research by Marten Risius, a Clemson University management associate professor, and Christian Janze, a Ph.D. student from Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany, may be of help in removing the question mark as to whether you’re reading legitimate news or a fabrication.

Management’s Heshan Sun earns Emerald Publishing research honors
Research on the role trust plays in consumers’ repeat online purchases has earned a Clemson University business management professor a prestigious award. Heshan Sun, associate professor in the department of management, has been recognized for a research paper published in MIS Quarterly, “Trust, satisfaction, and online repurchase intention: The moderating role of perceived effectiveness of […]

Clemson researchers plot path to IT user awareness
Clemson University business school researchers have developed a measurement tool that gauges a technology user’s level of mindfulness, which can aid them in achieving a technology’s potential, and avoiding its pitfalls. The research, “Technology Use: Conceptual and Operational Definitions,” was conducted over a 13-year period and involved approximately 900 university students and more than 300 […]

Research challenges ‘myths’ of more, better technology
Convenience, cost effectiveness and productivity are said to be benefits of a more digitized business world. However, research by a renowned Clemson University information systems professor suggests increased digitization isn’t inherently good for companies or consumers in some cases. The research, conducted by Varun Grover, Clemson University’s William S. Lee (Duke Energy) Chair in Information […]

Combative bosses repeat bad childhood treatment, research shows
If you know of a workplace supervisor who yells, insults or is generally abusive to employees, chances are they were treated similarly as a child, according to research by business school professors at Clemson University.

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