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Sales Program Overview

The Clemson Sales Program helps to prepare students for a demanding and rewarding career in sales. With openings in professional selling positions on the rise, completion of a sales certificate, offered by the Department of Marketing, provides a competitive edge for Clemson students to stand out among other job applicants. Classes are tailored to develop and train each student in order to acquire the skills needed to have a successful career in sales.

Students completing the sales certificate are provided with real-world experience, foundational role-play exercises and leadership opportunities. Professors blend theory and application in the program while also ensuring frequent interaction with industry executives.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to mold young sales professionals by maintaining high academic standards in sales education leading to job placement while becoming the foremost sales resource for business through research and training.


The Clemson Sales Program was founded in the fall of 2009 through the marketing department of Clemson University's College of Business. The professors are a combination of seasoned sales professionals and academic researchers who blend theory and application to create the sales-ready graduate. The sales certificate offering stems from demand at both the University and corporate levels for trained sales leaders that can have an immediate and profound impact in the corporate world.


Our vision is to create an environment that fosters growth in each of our sales students, which in turn, will positively impact the sales industry and business community through job placement, organizational research and corporate training.

Student Testimonial


"The lab is a great confidence builder in that it helps you develop, then strengthen, your own delivery style. My experience in Clemson's sales program has prepared me well for a career in a business I feel passionate about." Zac Cockman