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Sales Lab

The Department of Marketing has a strong presence of sales faculty who focus on a variety of current challenges facing the industry. In particular, Clemson's sales faculty is studying areas of customer relationship management, technology implementation, social media usage, team selling, customer business development, and other relevant topics tied to improving sales and service performance in contemporary environments.

To aid in these research efforts, as well as provide avenues for experimental research on sales related topics, a new sales lab has been constructed with state-of-the-art capabilities. The lab's seven mock offices are all equipped with video and audio recording for live viewing and review, flat-screen monitors for displaying customized presentation content, and internet access to provide support for any selling format (i.e., phone, skype, etc.). These tools are also used in support of the sales certificate courses. Together, these aspects support a growing sales program at Clemson that is tied closely with leading industry firms for research relationship opportunities.

In addition, the Department of Marketing has a behavioral research lab equipped with 12 computers and state-of-the-art equipment, including eye-tracking, EKG, and EEG measurement devices. The marketing department also has a Qualtrics license to support online surveys and a formal student subject pool.