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Tiger Paw Classic

The Tiger Paw Classic is an annual golf tournament designed to benefit all that are involved, including the students, participants, sponsors and partners. At the Tiger Paw Classic, teams enjoy a day of golf as well as networking with local businesses. All aspects of the event are planned and executed by Clemson marketing students. Students pursuing the sales certificate work to sell sponsorships and fill the player roster.

The Clemson Sales Program students working on the tournament begin by enrolling in a Creative Inquiry course. The atmosphere of the Creative Inquiry course is very similar to that of an actual sales department. Team managers are appointed and conduct interviews to choose their sales teams. The team managers report to the Sales Program advisor about their team's progress in meeting set sales goals and quotas. Meeting quota is a large portion of the student's final grade. Managers are encouraged to negotiate incentives, such as extra credit, for their team members as a means to increase their productivity.

The teams use CRM software to keep track of prospects, leads and sales. Students work to sell hole sponsorships, trophy sponsorships, food and drink sponsorships and player spots, among many other things. In-kind donations are also negotiated for various items needed to make the golf tournament successful.

Throughout the course, students receive sales training and tips as well as valuable hands-on experience, which aim to encourage individual growth related to selling skills. Funding provided by sponsors and donors is used to support a local non-profit organization, Tanner's Totes. A portion of the proceeds is also used to support scholarships for marketing students in the new College of Business. The tournament serves as an excellent hands-on learning tool for students while also giving back to the Clemson community.

2016 Tiger Paw Classic


Tanner Smith and junior marketing student, Peyton Finley