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Maymester in New York City

The "Gateways to World Markets" course provides students with recognition and appreciation of the role marketing plays in effective management of today's organizations. Emphasis is placed on active learning through presentations by, and interaction with, industry professionals in New York City (NYC). Students examine components comprising the marketing function in these organizations. More importantly, students improve their understanding of how changing environmental forces affect business/marketing decisions as well as how marketing decisions are impacted by and/or impact other functional areas within the organization. Students also look for marketing insights gathered from the multitude of marketing activities (such as the spectaculars in Time Square, to fashion marketing, to the activities on the streets or in small establishments that also try to vie for the consumer's mindshare) while in New York City.

The Gateways class has resulted in internships and/or full-time jobs with companies such as Ogilvy & Mather, JetBlue, American Express, Sports Illustrated, MXM, and Ralph Lauren. Other examples of organizations visited include Google, PepsiCo, Macy's the New York Yankees, IBM, the Broadway League, Chobani, and L'Oreal.

For more information contact James Gaubert or Mary Anne Raymond, Ph.D.