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Marketing Student Advisory Board

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Madison Allen, Junior - Chair

I am a junior Marketing major from Greenville, SC. I chose my major based on my internship with Greenville Road Warriors that I had in high school. This internship made me fall in love with marketing and the idea of giving people an experience they won't soon forget. To me, this board is another avenue to influence people's experiences for the better and to create a department full of opportunities and growth. I am hoping to utilize my marketing experience to find a career in the world of professional sports.
Fun Fact: I have been to Mexico every year since I was five years old!


Erin Andrews, Senior - PR

I'm a transfer from Greenwich, CT with hopes to have a career in Sports Marketing, either with an NFL team or in event marketing. I wanted to be on the board in order to create more transparency between faculty and students and work with other students to leave a mark on the Marketing department.
Fun Fact: I worked at the 2016 ESPYS in Los Angeles, and it was the coolest experience I've ever had.


Jade Lambert, Junior - Secretary

I am a Marketing major from Clover, SC. Marketing is such a broad industry, from public relations to statistical analysis, I found a passion for every facet of the major. I have a curious nature and instinctively try to figure out human tendencies and, in my experience, have found that every part of marketing circles back to the study of influencing others. I would like to go into International Marketing doing research on business expansion. I joined the Marketing Student Advisory Board because I believe the College of Business has so much to offer us. I have seen those resources at work in the development of my own future. I desire to inform others and to create opportunities for them as they pursue their passion.This is exactly the mission of the marketing Student Advisory Board. I consider it my greatest honor to influence the Marketing major and the future of Clemson University.
Fun Fact: I have a black belt in Taekwondo.


Abigayle Berendsen, Sophomore

My name is Abigayle Berendsen and I am a sophomore Marketing student minoring in Brand Communications from Powdersville, SC. After graduation, I aspire to work in the fashion industry as a purchasing agent or executive buyer for a department store, work in branding and social media management or advertising. I wanted to join the Marketing Student Advisory Board so that I could be a representative for other students within the Marketing major and make a difference during my time at Clemson.
Fun Fact: I am a huge Clemson sports fan, as most students are, and plan on traveling to Iceland before I graduate!


Graham Pitman, Sophomore

I hope to pursue a career in Business Litigation and believe a background in marketing, specifically learning the psychology and science of marketing, will hopefully set me up for that! I wanted to be on the marketing board so that I can help create the best future for marketing students here at Clemson. Every year Clemson is becoming more and more academically competitive, and I hope to see the College of Business, particularly the Marketing department, continue on this same track and be a part of making that happen!


Amanda Cazel, Junior

I love the creative aspects marketing offers and would love to incorporate that into my future job! I am interested in working in the fitness or sports industry, but I am also very interested in finance and am looking for an opportunity that allows me to combine both of these passions. I wanted to be apart of the board because I think it's very important to keep the lines of communication between the student body and the College of Business open. I love being an advocate for my fellow students and keeping their best interests in mind.
Fun fact: I am originally from Chicago, and though I love the South, I fully intend on moving back and working in the city after graduation.


Erin McGarel, Junior

I chose marketing because of the many different ways it can be applied to a career path. Through trial and error in taking classes and interning, I have found that I want to be in either sales or advertising. My dream is to eventually move up in a company or own my own business one day. I wanted to be on the board in order to make a bigger impact on this major and the college as a whole.
Fun Fact: I am passionate about the Spanish language and am working to become fluent.


Natalie Schroder, Junior

After graduation I am looking forward to pursuing a career in Marketing Research or Branding for a fashion company in NYC. I was eager to join the Marketing Student Advisory Board because I love working in a team atmosphere and coming up with innovative ideas to improve the Marketing department. I am also hoping to provide more insight into the fashion industry for Clemson students.
Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and, throughout my stay, traveled to 10 countries!


Anderson Rathbun, Senior

This College of Business and Marketing major have opened up so many doors for my future. I wanted to be on the Marketing Student Advisory Board to make sure even more doors open for current and future marketing students. Ultimately, I want to go into the sports industry, mainly minor league baseball. There is a lot of creative freedom in the minor leagues, and Marketing is the perfect major to get my foot in the door.

Connect with us!