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In the College of Business there are many different types of hardware equipment that are maintained. Support for each piece of equipment may vary according to whether it is personal, college owned or non-recommended. The level of support may vary from full support, to limited support, to no support at all.

Levels of support defined:

      • Recommended College Owned:
        • Equipment that has been recommended by College of Business IT Support Staff and purchased with departmental funds - receives full support for hardware and standard university software.

      • Non-Recommend, College Owned:
        • Equipment that has NOT been recommended by College of Business IT Support Staff, but purchased with university funds fall into the category of "non-recommend" equipment.

          Users looking to purchase non-recommended equipment with college funds will need to print and sign the purchase waiver form.  In addition, before the purchase can be made, the users dept. head or manager will also need to sign the form. This form is given to College of Business IT Support for future reference. The waiver will categorize the equipment into the Limited Support group.

          The limited support group is defined as:  Providing either recommendations for outside support or download information for software installation.
      • Personally Owned:
        • Equipment that faculty and staff have purchased with their own funds - receives no support. However, cell phone and tablet support will receive either verbal or written support for wireless and email setup support. 

Support provided for equipment by manufacturer.

*Mobile device support is limited to adding the Clemson email account and the setup of the wireless network (Eduroam).