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New Faculty and Staff Computing Orientation

What is my username and password?

An employee Username is automatically generated when appointment transactions for employees are posted in the CUBS system. Each new employee receives a letter from Computer Resources that explains how to use the Username and various resources. Passwords for new employee Usernames are set by default to the last five digits of the employee’s social security number, and can be reset by each user.

How do I setup and access email?

Clemson University primary email system for employee communications is Microsoft Outlook Exchange. Google App's for education is also offered through Gmail as an alternative. Users can access Outlook through a local client (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc) on their machine or through the web at Google App's for education can be setup from the Clemson Email forwarding page.

What is two-factor authentication(Duo)?

Passwords are essential for security and privacy, but they are often not enough. Two-factor authentication requires something you know (your Clemson password) and something you have (like a mobile phone, landline phone or the Duo smartphone app) as an added layer of security to prevent anyone else from accessing your account. Two-factor authentication is the most effective method of account takeover prevention, helping to protect both you and the Clemson community.

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How do I get help from IT?

You can get help from IT by entering a help ticket. It is very advantageous to enter a ticket yourself because you will receive all responses regarding the IT issue. Because tickets in the ITHelp system are generated under the username that submitts the ticket/request, If you allow the Admin Assistant to enter the ticket you will not get the infinitival request for support or any responses on your issue. A help ticket can be entered by emailing or by going to the web version at

What is iPrint?

iPrint is a client-side application that allows faculty, staff, and students to install campus printers. When you get a new machine that has been setup by our department the iprint client is already installed and ready for your use. To install any network printer the iPrint website must be used in order to accomplish to do this. NOTE: Mozilla Firefox must be used when accessing the iPrint website.

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To access the iPrint website copy and paste in the Mozilla browser.

What is the Network Registration System(netreg)?

The Network Registration System(netreg) is in place to manage the different network-capable pieces of electronic equipment that each user may find themselves using here at Clemson University. In order for a user to connect to the campus network they must first register that piece of equipments MAC address with the system in order for it to be recognized and tied to a specific person. In case there is an issue, such as a virus, that person can be contacted directly. For a laptop which has an ethernet connection and has a wireless connection, you will have to register both connections.

There are two ways to get hardware registered. The first is that the MAC address can be put in manually by going to and adding a registration.  The second way is with any new piece of equipment such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, cellphone etc. when attempting to access the internet by Ethernet or wireless will need to open a browser to register the device.  Once the browser is opened, a purple website is opened titled "Network Registration". Click "Go" and fill out the device description and accept the University's network use policy.  Be sure to read the policy and then where it says "Device Description" enter  "Clemson username, type of equipment (laptop, desktop,tablet,iPhone), and whether it is ethernet or wireless ie. - "your name" laptop wireless. Then click "Accept" and restart the device.

Also on this website users can view all their registered pieces of equipment, and delete old ones if necessary.

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What wireless network does Clemson use?

Eduroam (Education Roaming) is the primary secure wireless network available to faculty, staff and students.  Eduroam uses WPA2 technology for enhanced security. Eduroam can be found not only on Clemson's main campus, but also many of the University's satellite area's such as Clemson at the Falls and ICAR.

What makes Eduroam different from other wireless networks, Eduroam is a portable wireless network connection whereas users can connect to networks at other participating colleges and universities. While visiting Eduroam participants users will no longer have to request access to that particular sites network.  Users can just access their devices and their machine will automatically get a network connection.

Reminder: If you are prompted to log into Eduroam your username is your full email address (i.e.

USA Eduroam participants | International Eduroam participants

For more information and how to connect go to Wireless.

What is iROAR?

iROAR is Clemson’s Student Information System. The goals of the iROAR are to:

  1. provide a single sign-on for all users
  2. provide improved data integrity
  3. provide an enhanced management of data and an intuitive portal for all aspects of the Clemson community

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