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Request Support

Tiger tracks is the enterprise ticketing system used by several departments here on campus. It helps to streamline the process of receiving and handling issues and also to track the progress of a problem from inception to resolution.

Because it is the primary way we track any IT support issues occurring throughout the college, all request for support must be entered into the Tiger Tracks system.

The benefits to this system are that it gives each support request a place in the IT work queue and a way for each individual user to track the progress of their request. 

To request support:

  1. Send email to The email will automatically generate a ticket into the ticketing system and send you an email reply. 
  2. Open any browser and type in the url: - this will take the user directly into the ticketing system. There is one advantage to getting familiar with the website alternative, it gives the user a way to track and view all current and past tickets progress and all responds made on each ticket.

When entering a ticket for IT support via either of the above methods, be sure to include the specific issue for which help is being requested.