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Biomaterials & Biointerfaces Lab: Achievements

  • Biotechnology and Bioengineering – “Microgels containing immobilized enzymes in packed bed bioreactors with downstream amperometric detection using microfabricated interdigitated microsensor electrode arrays”

  • Advanced Materials – “A Chemically Synthesized Artificial Pancreas: Release of Insulin from Glucose-Responsive Hydrogels”

  • Electroanalysis – “Interferent suppression using a novel polypyrrole-containing hydrogel in amperometric enzyme biosensors”

  • Nanotechnology – “Direct Electron Transfer of Glucose Oxidase on Carbon Nanotubes”

  • Chemistry of Materials – “Electropolymerization of Polyaniline Thin Films”

  • Langmuir – “Specific Immobilization of Electropolymerized Polypyrrole Thin Films onto Interdigitated Microsensor Electrode Arrays”

  • Biomacromolecules – “Release Characteristics of Novel pH-sensitive p(HEMA-DMAEMA) Hydrogels Containing 3-(trimethoxy-silyl) propylmethacrylate”

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