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Introduction to the BT Biochip

The Brain Tumor project at the Center for Bioelectronics, Biosensors, and Biochips, C3B, within the School of Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University is dedicated to understanding the gene expression in brain tumors, elucidating new criteria for the classification of brain tumors, and developing new diagnostic technology and therapeutic principles that will aid in the treatment of individuals afflicted with this illness. At the heart of the Brain Tumor project is the 10K oligonucleotide microarray, which will be used to survey the gene expression in brain tumor samples taken from MCV patients. With the resulting knowledge, the C3B hopes to define diagnostic and predictive genetic markers for brain tumors and implement these genetic markers on a new microarray platform that functions by impedimetric detection of DNA hybridization. We hope that this new platform will transition into the clinical setting and be useful as a therapeutic tool for classifying and staging tumors, and defining tailored treatment options.

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