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Signal Processing & Bioinformatics Lab: Facilities

Matlab 6.1 (Artificial Neural Networks, Statistical and Signal Processing tools)
SAS – Data Analysis tool
SPSS – Statistical tool
Labview – Data Acquisition and control s/w
Testpoint – Data Acquisition and control s/w
VB 6.0
PC (Pentium Processor) – Desktops and Laptops
Impedance/ Gain Phase Analyzer Model Solarton 1260
Multimeter/Multiplexer Keithley Model 2010/ 2000
HP 34970A Data Acquisition Card/ Switch Unit
HP 34401A Multimeter
Tektronix CDM250 Digital Multimeter
Tektronix PS280 DC Power Supply
Voltage Regulator Model 2090VR 110V I/p to 0-130Ac 60Hz
Tektronix CFG280 Function Generator
Tektronix TDS210 Two Channel Digital Real-Time Oscilloscope
HP 54600B Oscilloscope
Interface cards and hardware drivers

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