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Signal Processing & Bioinformatics Lab: Mission
The Signal Processing and Informatics Laboratory researches, develops and implements digital signal processing tools and techniques in support of the biochips and biosensors laboratories.   

The objectives of the Signal Processing and Bioinformatics Laboratory (SPBL) are to develop intelligent diagnostic tools using sensors and advanced signal processing techniques, and to develop bioinformatics systems for data analysis. The role of SPBL is to support the other C3B labs by analyzing the data collected from biomaterials, biointerfaces, biosensors and biochips, and extracting clinically meaningful information to help physicians in making critical decisions.   

The research at SPBL is directed towards the development of instrumentation and techniques for the acquisition and processing of data collected from experiments conducted in C3B’s laboratotries. SPBL conducts research in four main areas:  

  • Sensor Measurement Strategies (Mono class sensor and hybrid sensor arrays, Static and dynamic measurements, multiparameter measurement and data preprocessing)
  • Data Analysis and Signal Processing (Multi-variate Statistical Analysis, Exploratory Data Analysis, Biologically inspired signal processing techniques, Pattern Recognition, Pattern Classification and Prediction)
  • Hardware and Software development (Sensor and System Integration, Data Acquisition and Control, Digital Signal Processing and Embedded System Design, Software and hardware architecture for biosensors and biochips arrays)
  • Bioinformatics systems for data warehousing and analysis

SPBL offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, and post-doctoral researchers opportunities to conduct leading edge research on signal processing and bioinformatics in a state-of-the-art facility.

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