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Biochips Lab: Capabilities
  1. Microarray substrate preparation.

  2. PCR (MJ Research Thermal Cycler with heated power bonnet).

  3. Electrophoresis --> BioRad Gel Dock Imager

  4. Liquid Handling (Perkin Elmer Multiprobe II Liquid Handler)

  5. Microarraying (Cartesian SynQuad 4500 microarrayer with contact and non-contact dispensing capabilities).

  6. Microarray Hybridization (Genomic Solutions GenTaq hybridization station).

  7. RNA/ cDNA fluorescent labeling (wet bench).

  8. Microarray scanning (Perkin Elmer ScanArray Express confocal microscope with four available wavelengths).

  9. Bioinformatics, data storage and DVD archiving system.

  10. MWG 10K oligonucleotide library (http://www.mwgbiotech.com/html/all/index.php).

  11. BioDod AD1500 Aspirate and Dispense Microarrayer System

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