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DNA on Chips Challenges

  • Biocompatibility Issues and approaches
    Use of multifunctional, heterogeneous, biomimetic materials
    Emulate the extracellular matrix – form and function
    Employ transplant strategies – site specific and systemic
    Controlled release of mediators – local modulation

  • Sensor performance
    Interferences – protein adsorption and denaturation (fouling)
    Materials reliability

  • Telemetry
    Data at a distance

  • Informatics
    Complexity – space and time
    Multiple data sources – plurality of inputs

  • Attachment of the bioactive layer to the solid state transducer

  • Stability of the bioactive layer in the biotransducer

  • Large scale manufacture - (The I-Stat story)

  • Biocompatibility of in vivo biosensors

  • Reproducible placement of small volumes of bioactive materials onto devices
    Microarraying and microfluidic techniques.
    Photolithographic patterning of bioactive layers

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