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External Advisory Board

Invensys Controls Dr. Tim Matt Dr. William R. Rosencrantz, Engineering Manager,
Invensys Sensor Systems
(electronic nose)
Dr. Tim Matt
Philip Morris USA
Dr. Robert A. Fenner
Dr. Robert A. Fenner
Director, New Technology Reserach
Dr. Robert A. Fenner
Technovation Dr. Rajan Jaisinghani Dr. Rajan Jaisinghani
(array biosensor)
Dr. Rajan Jaisinghani
Dow Corning Dr. John Gaul Dr. John Gaul
Manager, New Ventures
(in vivo biosensors)
Dr. John Gaul
ABTECH Scientific, Inc. Mr. James Funkey Mr. James Funkey
(DNA biochips)
Mr. James Funkey

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