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Our Mission & Vision   
In recent years we have seen the birth and explosive growth of new and enabling technologies at the interface of microelectronics, materials chemistry, molecular biology and information technology. These new technologies are leading to high performance devices and instruments that find application as test and measurement systems in the service of health and medicine. They find application in such areas as functional genomics (gene discovery), genetic screening, pharmacogenomics (high throughput drug screening and drug discovery), and molecular diagnostics.

Established firmly on such manufacturing principles as miniaturization, modularization, systems integration, parallelism, and redundancy, these technologies promise to vastly reduce the cost of drug development, accelerate the rate of human genomics research, and enable new modes of analysis of analytes not easily measured and at sites previously unprecedented.

Early stage commercial activity has seen the emergence of several high-technology-based start-up companies. A number of these are well funded post IPO (Initial Pubic Offering) companies, while many more are armed with technology licenses, collaborative research agreements, and aggressive R&D; strategies hoping to define their niche in what promises to be a worldwide $B20 market by 2010. As with all rapidly emerging technologies, alliances are being forged between universities, national laboratories and small and large companies.

Our Mission
An integrative research and education enterprise that is oriented toward service, is actively managed and directed by the constituency it serves, and is focused on providing leadership and excellence to the scientific and technological area of bioelectronics, biosensors and biochips.

Key Elements of The C3B
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Matrixed Organization

Our Vision
To integrate teaching, research, scholarship and service across the traditional disciplines and across Life Sciences and Humanities, the College of Engineering and Science and the College of Business and Behavioral Science.

To focus on the interface of chemistry, microelectronics, materials science, biology and medical technology defined by bioelectronics, biosensors, and biochips.

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