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Introduction to e-Nose
A Multi-element Array Electronic Nose for VOC Detection and Continuous Monitoring

A multi-element array of chemoresistive sensors is being developed to mimic the human nose. Each sensor of the electronic NOSE (Natural Olfactory Sensor Emulator™) comprises a microlithographically-fabricated chip that is layered with a chemically responsive polymeric material. The polymer material may be an inherently conductive polymer such as polypyrrole, polyaniline or polythiophane, a composite of polyaniline-coated carbon black or a carbon –nanotube-filled composite. In all cases, the polymer changes its work function or electrical impedance characteristics in response to adsorbed or absorbed vapors. Using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) the chemo-electrical responses of the sensors are processed into odor signatures. Such systems are being developed for monitoring of the expired breaths of patients experiencing shock, various forms of trauma, and to differentiate cancerous from non-cancerous tissue.

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