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Sources of Support

Dr. DeQuan Li
Research Staff Member
Chemical Sciences and Technology Division
Los Alamos National Lab CST-4
Los Alamos, NM

Mr. Marc Rothstein
Vice President,
Prime Synthesis, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA

Mr. Guy Washinger
CyberSyn, Inc.
Malvern, PA

Dr. Steven Morton
President and CEO,
Oxford Micro Devices, Inc.
Shelton, CT

Dr. Harry Yang
Director of Biochip Research
Gene Logic Corporation
Gaithersburg, MD

Mr. James W.Sharpe
Chairman and CEO
ABTECH Scientific, Inc.
Yardley, PA

Dr. Junaid A Siddiqui
Sr. Research Scientist
DuPont Corporation
Richmond, VA

Mr. David Martin
President and CEO
Mosaic Technologies Inc.
Charlottesville, VA

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