College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Centers and Facilities

Academic Advising Center
Academic advising is a vital part of a student’s success during their time at Clemson University and the AAH Advising Center staff is available to assist undergraduate students in the college with advice on course selection, change-of-major requirements, transferability of courses, and information on majors within the college of AAH. Academic advisors are also available to meet with prospective students considering various majors within the College.

Brooks Center for The Performing Arts
The Brooks Center is Clemson University's home for the performing arts and presents Broadway shows, world class chamber music, Clemson student productions, and family entertainment. The center also houses the Department of Performing Arts where students concentrate in audio technology, theatre, and music. 

Center for Electronic and Digital Publishing (CEDP)
The CEDP develops, directs and focuses the academic publishing program in the College, in accordance with the integrating principles of the trademark Clemson University Digital Press. Embodying the scholarly publishing arm of the university, the CEDP supervises traditional and nontraditional modes of publication, encompassing a wide range of subject matter.

Center for the Improvement of Construction Management and Processes (CICMP)
The CICMP enlists the assistance of construction industry companies in supporting faculty and student activities at Clemson. In return, the organization assists member companies in reaching qualified future managers, solicits input on industry trends, offers research assistance and provides continuing education training opportunities.

Center for Visual Arts
The Center for Visual Arts at Clemson University serves as a place where students, visitors and scholars explore contemporary perspectives in art and culture through research and studio practice. The CVA sponsors exhibits from students, regional and national artists, and it hosts guest artist lectures from nationally known artists and critics.

Charles E. Daniel Center for Building Research and Urban Studies
The Daniel Center in Genoa, Italy, has served as a model for off-campus architectural education for more than 30 years. The program balances the studio experience with travel to study Italian architectural history, contemporary design and urban practices. A resident professor from Clemson is assisted by professors of architecture from Genoa.

Clemson Architecture Center in Barcelona
The Clemson Architecture Center in Barcelona is open to undergraduate and graduate students in architecture and landscape architecture. Recognized as one of the preeminent cities in modern and contemporary design, Barcelona is a unique laboratory for architecture and urban studies. The program is complemented by structured field studies within Spain and Europe and also has an independent travel component as part of the semester program.

Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston (CAC.C)
Founded in 1988 and located in the historic district of Charleston, the CAC.C’s mission is to bridge academia and practice by teaching in a hybrid environment, a cross between academic and professional modes of work. The program emphasizes collaborative service learning with a focus on urban design and fabrication applied to actual issues and projects. Students may take internships with local design professionals. The CAC.C is available to third- and fourth-year undergraduates, as well as graduate students in architecture and landscape architecture.

Creative Inquiry
Creative Inquiry projects feature small groups of students working together with faculty on their creative, outreach, research, service, and/or scholarly activities. Small class size, advanced research, sustained projects, collaboration, critical thinking, and course credit are among the benefits for participants in Creative Inquiry projects. Visit this link and use the drop-down menu to search for current projects in the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities.

Multimedia Authoring Teaching and Research Facility (MATRF)
Staffed by faculty and students in Clemson University's Master of Arts in Professional Communication program, the MATRF is a unique, full-service facility that provides everything from simple web pages and documents to commercial-quality multimedia publications. The MATRF is an interdisciplinary classroom in AAH where students can create high-quality products that incorporate audio, video, and graphics for the web, DVD/CD-ROM’s, or portable media.

Pearce Center for Professional Communication
The Pearce Center promotes effective communication as an integral part of the learning process at all levels of schooling, pursuing these goals through a comprehensive program of interdisciplinary workshops, collaborative ventures, sponsored projects and action research.

Rudolph E. Lee Gallery
The Lee Gallery provides the University and surrounding community access to regional, national and international visual artists. Exhibitions explore contemporary issues seeking to enhance academic programs and serve the broader mission of the University. The Lee Gallery also showcases student artists as they complete their course of study within the Department of Art.

Social Media Listening Center
Managed by the Department of Communication Studies,  the Social Media Listening Center brings together faculty, staff, students and external partners to support undergraduate creative inquiry, faculty research, pedagogy, and outreach through social media listening. The SMLC features a 152-inch video wall, plus other video monitors and collaboration tables that allow users to configure and display data in myriad ways to fit their particular needs and areas of study. Powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Radian6 software, the SMLC provides the platform to listen, measure and engage in over 150 million sources of social media conversations across the Web by capturing publicly available data from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, online communities, and mainstream news outlets. The Radian6 summary dashboard shows a graphic display of social media content to convey sentiment, share of voice, trend information, geolocation data and much more.

Usability Testing Facility (UTF)
The Usability Testing Facility (UTF) was constructed to meet the demands for sponsored, proprietary research on designing online documentation, web-based systems, and 3-dimensional interfaces. It supports a wide variety of media and digital formats, allowing researchers to collect data with everything from closed-circuit ceiling-mounted cameras to Hi-8 and DV cameras to software capture systems like CAMTASIA.