About CUDP Books

Clemson University Digital Press generally publishes about three books per annum, in addition to its journals. As is clear from the links at the left, the press publishes across a variety of genres, publishing in accordance with its mission to "operate as a vehicle for the best scholarly, technological, and pedagogical research on issues that are of concern to its college of AAH, the community, and the state, defining 'research,'…broadly, as 'what has been built, created, performed, [or] written.'"

Publications at the press take a variety of forms, but are most often combinations of traditional HTML and easily portable PDF documents. The type of publication and expediency with which it is to be ported to the online world are chief governing factors in the decision as to which digital form will be used. In most cases, it is important to the CUDP that, wherever possible, digital publications retain the aesthetic qualities of their print versions when these versions exist. Similarly, just as books in print form look different from one another, so does the CUDP strive to give each publication its own, appropriate appearance in the digital world. These goals also factor into the decision as to how best to display the publication digitally.