Communication Studies

Communication Studies Lab

The Communication Studies Lab at Clemson University opened in August 1997 as a support center for all undergraduate students. The primary function of the lab is to assist students with the speechwriting and rehearsal process. The Communication Studies Lab now serves as a tutoring center for students enrolled in the basic oral communication courses—COMM 150: Introduction to Human Communication and COMM 250: Public Speaking. Tutors are available to assist students with skill development in interpersonal, group, and public contexts.

Location: 418 Daniel Hall

Phone: 864-656-2028

Fall 2014 Hours of Operation

Monday-Wednesday:  10am - 10pm

Thursday: 10am - 6pm

Friday: 10am - 4pm

Sunday: 4pm - 10pm                      

Mission Statement

The Communication Lab’s mission is to provide support for the Basic Courses in the Communication Studies Department.  To this end, the tutors in the lab work with their speakers to promote critical thinking and empowerment through feedback and collaborative instruction.  Through individualized tutoring sessions, the lab seeks to aid students in becoming more confident and reflective speakers and to excel in each part of the speech making process. 

Speech tutors are available to help students:
•    Choose and narrow topics for their speeches
•    Organize their messages effectively
•    Research and support their messages effectively
•    Create and integrate visual aids, including PowerPoint presentations
•    Use grammatically correct and audience appropriate language
•    Format speeches and papers according to APA style
•    Rehearse their speeches
•    Critique their speeches