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12-9-2011 Liska receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Roger LiskaRoger W. Liska, professor and chairman of construction science and management at Clemson University, received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Institute of Contractors (AIC) at the organization’s mid-year meeting in Alexandria, Va. Liska was recognized this past October for his extensive service to the institute and the Constructor Certification Commission. He has been a member of the AIC more than 38 years and was one of the first individuals to be named a Certified Professional Constructor. During his time with the AIC, Liska has been both president of the institute and chairman of the Constructor Certification Commission. Currently, he is the commission secretary and is spearheading the institute’s efforts in earning its AC and CPC Constructor Certification American National Standards Institute Accreditation. Read the full story.



12-8-2011 Student Competitions

Congratulations to our students who competed at the 2011 ABC Student Chapter Construction Management Competition in San Antonio, TX in April  2011. The team placed 11th nationally.  Team members were Nils Echols, Erick Sealfon, Stacey Nicol and Thomas Carlson.  The team was co-coached by Professor Shima Clarke and Noel Carpenter (a Ph.D. student in the Planning, Design and the Built Environment program).

The department also had three student teams and three student shadows compete at the 2011 Associated Schools of Construction (ASC)/AGC Region II Student Competitions—commercial, design-build, heavy/civil, and shadow—held in Birmingham, AL in October. The commercial team won second place. The commercial and heavy/civil teams were coached by Erik Simon (Ph.D. student) and the design-build team was coached by Professor Shima Clarke. Professors Dennis Bausman and Chris Piper also helped prepare the teams for the competitions.


The students and faculty in the department participated in three Associated Schools of Construction regional student competitions. The participating students, faculty and industry representatives spent hundreds of hours preparing for the events. The student teams competed against teams from the following institutions: Auburn University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Southern University, Mississippi State University, North Carolina State University, Southern Polytechnic State University, University of Florida, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga/Chattanooga State Community College and Western Carolina University.

Because of their hard work and dedication, along with the support of many representatives from many construction companies, the Design-Build Team and Commercial Team were awarded first place and the Heavy-Civil Team second place.


A special thanks goes out to the following companies and individuals who worked to help prepare our students:

Members of the commercial team include (from left) Brian Nichols (CSM junior), Taylor Hughes (CSM senior), Brittany Lusk (CSM senior), Lane Norman (CSM senior), Stefan Meagher (CSM senior) and Clay Seay (CSM senior).


Design Build Team 2011Members of the design-build team include (back row from left) Alison Martin (ARCH junior), Seth Addis (CSM senior), Todd Rappoport (CSM junior), Andy Troy (CSM junior), Page Tarleton (CSM senior).  Front row: Ellis Taylor (ARCH senior) and Shima Clarke (coach).

Heavy/Civil TeamMembers of the heavy/civil team include (from left) Hilton Carpenter (CSM junior), Jordan Smith (CSM senior), Clay Thompson (CSM senior), Patrick Hobson (CSM senior), Joey Howell (CSM senior), Hep Platt (CSM senior), and Erik Simon (coach).