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Global Engagement in CAAH



In the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities, students and faculty are as varied in their interests as the programs of study we offer. We view this remarkable academic diversity as a core strength and a distinguishing characteristic. Our differences make us who we are.

As a College, we consider ourselves to be global citizens committed to lifelong exploration and achievement, both abroad and at home. We encourage all of our students to integrate globally-focused experiences into their programs of study in order to build a vital core of self-awareness and understanding of different cultures.

Study abroad, international internships and service-learning open minds to new ways of thinking and learning through experiences. Navigating and adapting to unfamiliar environments; communicating across cultures; curiosity and questioning that lead to creative problem solving; these are all essential components of a 21st-century education that are enhanced by global experiences.

A College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities degree is not limited by geographic boundaries; the world is our campus.

Contact Information

Carolyn Crist
Global Engagement
Student Advisor
106 Strode Tower

Regina Foster
Global Engagement Faculty Liaison

102A Strode Tower