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3D Printing

The Clemson Digital Design Shop is equipped with:

The Type A Machine printers use the slicing software CURA which is a free download. The Form 1+ uses PREFORM which is also a free download. 

Clemson Architecture and Landscape Architecture students can use this resource if they have undergone training. Untrained students are not allowed. Contact the lab supervisor for training. Trespassers in this lab will be removed by campus security. This resource is free to use for Architecture and Landscape Architecture students only. The DDS caries a standard selection of white and clear PLA filament. Other filament may be purchased through online vendors. The DDS also caries standard Grey Resin for the Form 1+. Other resins can be bought through Formlabs.

Because printing times are lengthy and vary widely printing is on a first come first serve basis. If someone is waiting for a turn to print you must relinquish the machine when your print is finished regardless of it printing successfully or not. Students/Faculty are responsible for preparing the 3d printers including checking filament status, leveling the printer bed, and waiting for the printer to start printing correctly for a minimum of 10 minutes. Students/Faculty are also responsible for removing the print when finished in a timely manner, cleaning the printer bed, and discarding of waste material. Please plan ahead.