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CNC Router

The Digital Design Shop is home to 2 CNC routers, an AXYZ 4008 and a Techno 4896. The shop is able to use RhinoCAM, V Carve, or MasterCAM to program toolpaths. Students are encouraged to learn RhinoCAM for programing 3 axis jobs, and 2 axis jobs. Licensed copies of the software can be found on the PC's connected to the router or in the PC lab in the DDS. 

Shop Staff oversee all operation of the CNC router. After Workshop staff review and start your file, users are required to observe the router while it is in operation. Any damage to the machine due to student neglect will result in suspension of lab priviledges. Only Workshop personnel may start the CNC router. Access to the CNC router is open to Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Art students for course related work.


The CNC router can be used for cutting 2D part files and for 3D machining. The CNC router has a 4’x8’ bed and 10” gantry clearance (Z height). A 4” maximum Z height is a good rule of thumb, but the maximum Z height depends on many factors including tool length, tool clearance and part geometry. The router is a 3-axis router, therefore it cannot make undercut or bevel cuts. 

Solid hardwood or softwood
Plywood, MDF, particle board and other sheet stock
Rigid insulation foam
Plastics, such as acrylic and polyethylene (LDPE / HDPE)

All laminated materials must be glued and clamped for at least 24 hours prior to submitting for an appointment. 

Tangential Knife Attachment:

The tangential knife is an attachment to the router that utilizes a box cutter blade.Suitable materials to cut are Sticky back vinyl, felt or other fabrics, corrugated plastic, and paper products. Basically anything you can cut with a box cutter by hand. Because of the nature of the machine straight lines, and gentle sloping curves cut best. Small detail and tight circles will not work well. To use this attachment submit a 2D file as an autocad drawing only. 


The Digital Design Shop provides a series of basic router bits free of charge. Students should inquire about bits prior to commiting to router use, you may be required to purchase a specialty bit for your operation. 


When a RhinoCAM file is ready submit the file below by clicking on submit and uploading it to Additionaly go to sign ups and search for an available time. Please allow 1 weekday for staff to review your file. Same day appointments will not be gauranteed a time slot.