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Laser Cutting

The is equipped with:

Architecture and Landscape Architecture students can use this resource after they have completed training and are responsible for bringing their own lens assemblies. Lens assemblies can be purchased from Abernethy Beck Inc for $500. We suggest you split this cost between several students. (item code #145-0019-00-C Lens Kit – 1.5, LG. Optics-Lens, Mirror, Cover, Tool). Ask for Mary and tell her you are from the Clemson School of Architecture. Lens cleaning solution can be bought HERE.

You must sign up for time-slots on this website. You may sign up for a maximum of 1 consecutive hour.  Although you may use a machine if no one is using it, you must give it up if a person who has signed up arrives during their time slot.  Please plan ahead.

Don’t forget to log out when you are finished. 
Remove all scraps and clean your area, recycling if possible - any material left lying around is subject to disposal, even if you put your name on it – this is not your studio.

Appropriate Materials

YESBasswood, balsa, cardboard, chipboard, leather.  Plexiglas or acrylic is OK but does smell bad.  Paper will burn very easily, so it is not recommended unless you use very low power settings and fast speed.  You MUST run quick tests with simple lines when using paper to determine the proper settings.

NO:  Foamcore, Lexan, PVC, treated plywood, MDF or anything that can produce toxic fumes when burned .
Glass, mirrors, metal, coins, foil, some metallic paints, or anything that can reflect the laser.

If there are problems with the equipment, tell an assistant.

No overnight use allowed, the computer will log off exactly at 12:00 am wether you are finished or not.

Laser Cutting TutorialLaser Cutting Tutorial