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The Charles E. Daniel Center for Building Research and Urban Studies in Genoa, Italy

With the first group of students in residence in Fall 1973, the Charles E. Daniel Center for Building Research and Urban Studies in Genoa, Italy, has served as a model for off-campus architectural education for 40 years. The program balances the studio experience with the study of Italian architectural history, contemporary design, urban practices, culture and field sketching. Students spend about a third of the 15-week semester traveling in Italy. There is also time for independent travel.

A resident professor from Clemson is assisted by Italian professors who also practice architecture in Genoa. Visiting critics and lecturers from Italy and Europe come to the center on a regular basis to lecture and critique student work.

Located at Via Piaggio 14, Genoa, students live, eat, and work together in the Daniel Center. Built in 1899, "The Villa" accommodates up to 24 resident students, and contains living and dining rooms, a library, studio space, and related facilities. A large garden overlooks the city, harbor, and the Mediterranean. 

Degree-seeking graduate and undergraduate students may apply for grants to help with the cost of the semester in Europe.


Carolyn Crist
Study Abroad Coordinator
Office of Off Campus Programs
College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities
Clemson University
106 Strode Tower
Clemson, SC 29634
Phone: 864.656.3636

For information about Application, Placement, Housing, Visas and tuition please visit our Fluid Campus program information page

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