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Faculty Bio

Choma, Joseph

Choma, Joseph

Assistant Professor of Architecture

Office: Lee 1-160
Web Site:

M.S., Architecture Studies, Design & Computation, MIT

Curriculum Vitae

Joseph Choma is an Assistant Professor of Architecture and the founder of the Design Topology Lab, an interdisciplinary design research practice. He is the author of Morphing: A Guide to Mathematical Transformations for Architects and Designers (Laurence King Publishing, January 2015) and Études for Architects (Routledge, forthcoming May 2017). His current research pursues the physical realization of mathematically defined structures and the advancement of design pedagogy through computational thinking. Presently, Choma is collaborating with Arup and Quarra Stone Company on a mathematically defined, robotically carved, compression-only stone structure (12’ x 7’ x 6’) composed of six pieces which are connected through dry (stone on stone) friction fit (shear key) joints. In 2013, Choma was awarded the Emerging Voices citation by AIA Atlanta for his contribution to the field of architecture through research and experimentation. He completed his graduate studies in design and computation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.