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Student Work

2016 Studio Project - Studio Appalachia

Studio Appalachia focused on two projects selected to invoke a critical examination of contemporary design in the foothills region of the Blue Ridge. This blended studio partnered architecture and landscape architecture students in careful master planning and design exercises for Camp Hope in Canton, NC and for the Clemson Equine Center in Clemson, SC. The latter project also incorporated Equine Business students as special consultants, and drew upon the oversight of alumnus John Blackburn, an expert in equestrian architecture and planning. 

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Undergraduate Design Prize

The Clemson Architecture Undergraduate Prize in Design is an annual prize that recognizes and rewards the school’s highest performing graduating seniors in the undergraduate program.  This prize, made possible by the generosity of Mark Gesen Carroll (’78, ’80) and his wife Silvia Carroll, recognizes outstanding architectural design as demonstrated in the final design studio project of the undergraduate pre-professional degree program.  The selection of projects to be awarded is made by an invited jury of architects.  In 2015 the jury was chaired by Gary Reetz, FAIA, VP, HGA Architects and Engineers, Minneapolis, MN.  In 2016 the jury was chaired by Joeb Moore (’83, ’85), Joeb Moore & Partners Architects, Greenwich, CT.

Undergraduate Design Prize Winning Portfolio

undergrad design prize winning portfolio

2016 Undergraduate design prize portfolio

"Defining a library not by its specific use, but by its spatial quality while in use is the innovative approach to this library research. The project serves as a study to incorporate this idea through the use of a forest. Six Mile’s branch library would serve as a serene, academic sanctuary to the community by emulating a wood encompassed by nature. This library’s design parallels the environment of a woodland in multiple facets. Sunlight beaming through tree branches is represented with wood lattice sunlights. Concrete columns illustrates the trunks of great pines. Proposing a library, which evolves into a space for diverse public use, mirrors the communal space of nature. In this proposal, importance is put on incorporating local needs with investigative architecture. The evolution of this unused land in Six Mile into a fluid public spatial library recognizes the environmental and community impact of explorative programing and design."

2016 Undergrad design prize winning project - "Library" by Kemper Fagen

Graduate Entry Studio

This studio revolved around a fundamental question of our profession: how do architects transform a topography into a cultural context that accommodates our daily life? We searched for an answer to this comprehensive question by questioning three architectural notions that form urban life: landscape, façade and urban space. The questioning was done through three design exercises in different skins. These exercises aimed to rethink Clemson from the critical standpoint in view of the network of relationships that define it as a small city. In simple terms, this studio aimed to re-invent Clemson in consideration of it's two unique characteristics: it's landscape and student life.

Graduate Entry Studio Portfolio

portfolio cover

Fall 2015 Graduate Entry Studio portfolio

Spring 2016 Comprehensive Studio

Comprehensive Studio is the culminating studio of Clemson's graduate architecture program. Students of the Spring 2016 Graduate Comprehensive Studio were challenged with designing a new student center for the campus of South Carolina State University, taking into account all the complexity and possibilities of this typology, and, in particular its role as a "Common Ground" for the university community. 

Studio Faculty

Dustin Albright

Ufuk Ersoy, Ph.D.

Ulrike Heine

Spring 2016 Comprehensive Studio


comprehensive studio page

2016 Comprehensive Studio Portfolio

Spring 2016 Comprehensive Studio Project - Common Ground SCSU Student Center