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Clemson Summer Design Build Studio in Asheville NC

The Asheville Design Build Studio (ADBS) is a joint program between Clemson University and theAsheville Design Center. The ADBS is a multi-disciplinary, hands-on, educational experience. Students that participate in the studio have the opportunity to affect a lasting and positive impact on Asheville’vibrant and diverse communities through the design and construction of a project over a 10 week period the summer. In that short period students come together as a team, draw upon a wide range of design and technical disciplines to gather community input, define a project type, design and develop the concept, and build their design. The Asheville Design Build Studio addresses issues of social justice,community sustainability, and good design, not simply by watching, but by doing.

For more information visit:

Asheville Design Build Studio website + blog.

Completed Projects:


2016: Bee Hotel University of North Carolina Asheville

Project image

2015: U-LEAF Mobile Performance Stage 

Project image

2014: YWCA Beehive Pavilion

Project image

2013: 13 Bones Pedestrian Bridge

Project image

2011: Burton Street Peace Garden Pavilion

 Project image

Douglas Hecker
Associate Professor
College of Architecture, Arts Humanities
Clemson University
Lee 2-309
Clemson, SC 29634