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The students of the Architecture + Health program are a combination of MA, MS, and Ph.D. candidates.  Our student body consists of a talented and diverse set of individuals that can work creatively on multiple levels of design and research.  We work in a collaborative atmosphere that enhances creativity through interaction and creates an engaged community of professors, March students, and M.S./Ph.D. students.  Check out our Studio and see what we're doing in our Featured Course and Studio Work.


Current Students:

Meet the current Students of the Architecture + Health Studio!


2nd Year M.ARCH II Candidates:

 DuBois, Madilyn | | Green Bay, WI

 Hardwick,Katie  | | Canton, TX

 Hinton, Heather | | Louisville, KY

 Langford, Alex | | Tyler, TX

 Lei, Yiming | | Zhengzhou, China

 Ma, Chengli | | Shanghai, China

 Tan, Jiarui | | Shaoyang, China

 Zhang, Liyang |  | Hefei, China

 Zhao, Yuchen | | Nanjing, China

 Zhou, Yu Qing |  | Qinghai, China


1st Year M.ARCH II Candidates:

 Bland, Cassidy | | Wellsburg, WV

 Chen, Jenni | | Shanghai, China

 Crafton, Taylor | | Grand Forks, ND

 El-Khoury, Rola | | Beirut, Lebanon

 Heipp, Savannah | | Lakeland, FL

 Hoskins, Lisa | | Knoxville, TN

 Nyondo, Thabang| | Blantyre, Malawi

 Ritchie, Renee| | Richmond, VA


M.ARCH I Candidates:

Cuffee, Vincent | | Fort Bragg, NC

Xue, Bing | | Hefei, China

Yao, Litian | | Ürümqi, China

Zhang, Yin | | Shanghai, China


Ph.D. Students:

Dong, Jiaying|  | Clemson, SC

Jafari, Roxana | | Clemson, SC

Joshi, Rutali |  | Clemson, SC

Li, Xiaowei | | Clemson, SC

Machry, Herminia |  | Clemson, SC


Featured Course and Studio Work:

The Student Work of the Architecture + Health Program is broken up between Thesis Projects, Comprehensive Studio Projects, and Selected Studio Work.

Featured Course and Studio Works