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11/18/2019: Architecture and Health Book

Our very own Dina Battisto has published a book with Routledge! This has been a collaborative endeavor with many people from around the world, including many alumni of the program. We would like to share a discount code below for those interested in the book.

To order your copy or learn more about the book, go to Routledge's website:

Enter the code FLR40 at checkout for a 20% discount with free standard shipping.

ISBN-13: 978-0367075224

ISBN-10: 0367075229

10/30/2019 - 11/06/2019: HCD New Orleans 2019 

This year at Healthcare Design Conference was a big one. Our very own professor, David Allison, was awarded the Changemaker Award by the Center for Health Design, our charrette team competed, and the studio enjoyed office visits and hospital tours in Atlanta, New Orleans, and Montgomery. We ended our trip by visiting the National Memorial for Peace and Justice by MASS Design Group.

Firm Visits to Rome Architects, EYP, and Perkins + Will ; Hospital Tour of University Medical Center

HCD 2019: Changemaker Presentation, Student Charrette, and Alumni Photo

National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, AL

04/04/2019: Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS) 

In this year's Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium, three of the Architecture + Health projects were given awards. Herminia Machry, a Phd student, was awarded first place for her work regarding the built environment's role as a contextual factor to family engagement in NICUs. Second place was given to another Phd student Rutali Joshi and her work studying the impact of the built environment in Emergency Departments. Lam Nguyen, Hannah Shultz, and Autumn Wines placed third for their work redesigning an operating room in Cange, Haiti. We are very proud of these students representing the Architecture + Health program; Congratulations!

Left: Hermina Machry Stands with her First Place Boards
Top Right: Rutali Joshi's Second Place board 
Bottom Right: Lam Nguyen, Hannah Shultz, and Autumn Wines' Third Place Board

03/17/2019: PDC Student Challenge

This year Clemson's Architecture + Health studio competed in the PDC Student Challenge in Phoenix, AZ. Each of the four students were placed on different teams with students from other schools in a variety of disciplines. The objective of the charette was to create a wellness center near downtown Phoenix. This adaptive reuse charette focused on bringing in the surrounding community to not only treat patients, but to promote wellness in their everyday lives.

To see more about the final projects and overall process, watch the video at:

From left to right: Alex Langford, Mariah Gresko, Professor David Allison, Xi Cao, Katie Hardwick

03/15/2019: HKS Southeast Design Fellowship

Over Spring Break this year, one of our graduating students, Lam Nguyen participated in the HKS Southeast Design Fellowship. This three-day charette was done in teams. The title of the team project is Canvas for Community: A Future Soccer Station Design Proposal for the H.E. Holmes Marta Station. They focused on transforming the existing Marta Station stop into a destination that integrates the community by means of a public park, soccer field, and artwork connected by an open air canopy. The Canvas is a place where the surrounding community can tangibly "leave their mark".

From left to right: Madison Hogue, Lam Nguyen, Gabriela Soto

03/05/2019: PDC Alumni Gathering in Phoenix, AZ

All alumni, honorary alumni, and families are welcome to join us at the Churchill in downtown Phoenix on Tuesday, March 19th at 7:30pm. We look forward to catching up with all of the wonderful people that came through this program! 


01/30/2019: Programming Session with Greenville Health Systems

The first year students in the Architecture + health program visited Greenville Health System to have a programming session for a children's mental health facility. The LEAN Process and gaming cards were used as programming strategies. 

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10/19/18: 2019 A+H Summer Study Abroad - More Information Coming Soon!


08/25/18: Presentations from the 50th Anniversary of Architecture + Health

View the Presentations from the Event: 

David Allison: Looking Forward and Back 50 Years 

Byron Edwards: AIA/AAH Case Study Library: A Benchmarking Tool 

Dina Battisto: Integrating Research, Education, and Practice at Clemson A+H

John Currie: The Last 50 Years of Architecture + Health

08/25/18: Photos from the 50th Anniversary of Architecture + Health Program 

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08/24/18: 50th Anniversary of Architecture + Health Program

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01/25/18: Opening of RIPCHD.OR Mock-up and Endowment established for David Allison

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10/13/17-10/15/17: ACCelerate Creativity and Innovation Festival

ACC Invitation

Visit the ACCelerate Festival Exhibitions here

Recent Events

9/30/2017: A+H Alumni, Julie Marie Randolph and John Ryan Ramsey, are wed.

Congratulations to Julie and John on their marriage.

Julie and Ryan Ramsey


3/6/2017: Spotlight Feature: Emily McGowan

We are featuring A+H Alumnus Emily McGowan for her work with MASS design in Kigali, Rwanda.

ehgroup emilymd

I want to advocate for a different kind of architecture -- selfless, healthful and compassionate. One that gives more than it takes.”- Emily McGowan

Emily joined MASS in 2016 as a Global Health Corps Design Fellow in Rwanda where she is currently working on the Nyarugenge District Hospital, Abuja Medical City and Penda Health Clinics. She holds both a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications, a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Ball State University. Prior to joining MASS, Emily worked in corporate practice on a variety of medical projects ranging from larger scale hospitals to smaller outpatient clinics within the United States. Her passion for how design can create better health outcomes to both individuals and populations lead her to study this broader framework at Clemson University, where she received her Master of Architecture + Health. She is the co-recipient of the UIA-PHG International Student Design Competition First Place Award for the design of a mobile isolation unit aimed at curbing communicable disease outbreaks in West Africa. Her thesis looked at the design of storefront clinics as a means of elevating primary care delivery in rapidly developing and urbanizing economies, and implementing these prototypes in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In her free time, Emily enjoys sketching, painting and working as a surveyor on archaeological sites in Turkey. 


During Emily’s fellowship year, one of her primary projects was Nyarugenge District Hospital, in which MASS worked the MOH to develop and implement a new level of healthcare design standards that have enabled the implementation of two district hospital projects.


Watercolor images from Emily's Thesis Presentation; visit Emily’s website at

3/6/2017: Craig Hospital Visit, Denver, CO

During the Spring 2017 semester, the second year Architecture + Health students traveled to Denver, CO to tour the Craig Hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, to provide insight into rehabilitation hospital planning and design for their final comprehensive projects.

tour3 tour2


12/12/16 Clemson Design Center in Charleston Featured in the Post and Courier


On November 12, 2016, The Post and Courier featured the new Clemson Design Center in Charleston as well as the work of Architecture and Health Students. Read the article here

12/12/16  Competition Opportunity: 2017 UIA-PHG International Student & Young Architect Competition: Smart, Green & Beyond: Health Care Facility of the Future


Students, here is a opportunity to get involved with a newly launched competition, “Smart, Green & Beyond: Healthcare Facility of the Future”, which seeks to raise awareness about sustainability in the design of healthcare facilities. 

Healthcare Design Expo and Conference

On November 9th, 2016, the Architecture and Health Studio and faculty traveled from Clemson, SC to Houston TX to attend the 2016 Healthcare Design Conference. Along the way, we stopped to visit architectural firms and architecturally significant locations. We first stopped in Atlanta to visit the offices of HKS and Stanley Beaman Sears.

HKS, Atlanta

Stanley Beaman Sears, Atlanta

Our next stop was in Birmingham, AL, where we visited the architectural firm Gresham, Smith and Partners.

In New Orleans, we toured the Louisiana State University Medical Center by NBBJ:

After arriving in Houston, we toured the MD Anderson Cancer Center:

We then attended the Healthcare Design Conference, attending sessions relating to contemporary trends and topics in healthcare architecture and design. Clemson Architecture and Health Faculty, Students and Alumni presented sessions at the Healthcare Design Conference, including:

David Allison FAIA, FACHA, NCARB, Alumni Distinguished Professor and Director, Clemson University Graduate Program in Architecture + Health

Byron Edwards AIA, ACHA, EDAC, Professor of Practice, Clemson University Architecture + Health Program

Dina Battisto Ph.D., Associate Professor, Clemson University, School of Architecture

Deborah Wingler, MSD-HHE, EDAC, President, Healing Design Integration

Herminia Machry, Graduate Research Assistant, Clemson University Architecture + Health | Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing

Byron Edwards and Deborah Franqui 

Austin Ferguson 

2016 Architecture + Health Studio at HCD

Operating Room Mock-Up Simulations

Working alongside physicians and other clinical experts, Architecture + Health students and faculty tested the mock-up of their Operating Room Design in Charleston through procedure simulations.

11/12/16 - 11/15/16  Healthcare Design Expo and Conference

In November, the Architecture + Health Studio will be traveling to Houston, TX to attend the 2016 Healthcare Design Expo and Conference in order to gain knowledge about current and future trends in healthcare design.


11/14/16  Clemson Architecture + Health Alumni Reception 

View Invitation

alumni Reception

Recent Events

09/19/16 RIPCHD.OR Workshop, Charleston, SC

From September 19th-21st, the Architecture + Health students and faculty traveled to Charleston, SC to meet with architects, clinicians and other experts in the healthcare field to gain insight into the operations and flows of ambulatory surgery centers.

Notable Events included:

    • Presentations on topics impacting Ambulatory Surgery, including "Issues and Trends in Ambulatory Surgery" by Dr. David Shapiro and "Best Practices in Interventional/Surgery Design" by Bill Rostenberg
    • Brainstorming sessions with student and practitioner groups to investigate best practices and advancements for the Ambulatory Surgery Center and the Operating Room
    • During the student design charette, first- and second-year students utilized the knowledge gained from group discussions with practitioners to devise guidelines for the Ambulatory Surgery Center and the Operating Room.

Workshop Charette 1

Workshop Charette 2

08/20/2016  A+H Alumni Gathering


08/19/2016  AIA SAR


11/15/2015  Healthcare Design Conference 2015

From November 14 - 17, 2015, the Architecture + Health students and faculty traveled to Washington D.C for the annual Healthcare Design Conference. 

Notable Events included:

    • Professor Battisto and recent alumni Deborah Franqui presented their study: World-Class Facilities for the Military in the Republic of Korea: A Post-Occupancy Evaluation
    • Recent alumni Kirsten Staloch presented her Tuttle Fellowship thesis: The Architecture of Rural Healthcare
    • 5 students participated in the HDC student charratte: D.C. Wellness
    • A+H Alumni gathering took place at Smith Group’s office in Washington D.C.
    • Student Jonathan Jiang received Healthcare Environment Awards: Honorable Mention of Student Category


03/02/2015 Public Forum with Clemson Community

As part of a service learning project, A+H students will present ideas for improving downtown Clemson and welcome input and participation from members of the Clemson Community. See a video and our presentation from our first and third public forum here.


141016_s1 141016_s2 141016_s3 141016_s4 141016_s5 141016_s6

1/8/2015  Merit Award: AIA South Carolina Student Award to Chau Tran

Chau Tran receives Student Merit Award for 2015 AIA South Carolina. AIASC has a long standing tradition of recognizing individuals, organizations, and projects for exemplyfying the very best in architecture. The AIA believes that awards programs should be carefully structured so that selection and recognition of honorees serve two distinct purposes: one directed to the profession, and the other, to the public. 


11/15/2014  Healthcare Design Conference 2014

From November 15 - 18, 2014, the Architecture + Health students and faculty traveled to San Diego, CA for the annual Healthcare Design Conference. 

Notable Events included:

    • Professor Battisto, Deborah Franqui presented Pathway Toward Assessing the Quality of Ambulatory Care Clinic
    • Professor Allison headed the Educators' Forum
    • A+H Alumni gathering took place at La Puerta
    • Recent Alumni Julie Randolph and Yanwen Xiao received awards (see images below)


11/7/2014 NCARB Award for Innovative Architecture Curricula

11/7/2014 NCARB Award for Innovative Architecture Curricula The mission of the project is to advance health care facility design through collaboration among architects, academia and members of the health care industry. The primary outcome will be to expose a cohort of architecture and health (A+H) Master of Architecture students—through three integrated courses within the A+H Curriculum—to the challenges of designing health care settings that support the delivery of high quality, cost effective, culturally relevant health care for medically underserved populations. Learn more here


2014-2015  AIA Academy of Architecture for Health Tuttle Fellowship to Shan Jiang and Kirsten Staloch

Shan Jiang and Kirsten Staloch were each awarded AAH Arthur N. Tuttle Jr. Graduate Fellowship in Health Facility Planning and Design. The goal of the fellowship is to increase architecture students' awareness of the special requirements and nature of healthcare facilities, to attract talented young architectus to this challenging area of pressional practice, and to advance the knowledge of planning and design for healthcare environments. To learn more, click here


2014 First Place Award: International UIA Public Health Design Competition to Chau Tran - Healthcare Otherwhere Project

UIA Public Health Group hosts an International Student Competition for architectural interventions near Warwick Junction in Durban, South Africa which are aimed at promoting health and well-being, and averting disease. 


5/16/2014 2014 SAR Architecture for Health Spring Conference & Chautauqua 5.0 on Regional Healthcare Architecture


2/7/2014  David Ruthven Nominated to the HCD 10Rising Star (under 40)

Healthcare Design has listed NXT Health's co-lead and creative director, David Ruthven, as this year's Rising Star on theHCD 10 (click here).


11/15/2013  Healthcare Design Conference 2013

From November 15 - 19, 2013, the Architecture + Health students and faculty traveled to Orlando, FL for the annual Healthcare Design Conference, where Professors Allison and Battisto and Deborah Franqui were speakers and some of the students participated in the AIA student design charrette. Notable A+H speakers included Lisa Marchi's Fellowship Presentation and Professor Allison's heading the Educators' Forum. There was also an alumni gathering.


8/22/2013 Chautauqua 4.0 on Regional Healthcare Conference

On Aug 22-24, 2013, Chautauqua 4.0 on Regional Healthcare Conference:"Healthcare Architecture in Public Realm", an AIA Regional and AAH annual conference, was held in Clemson University. The conference was in conjunction with Clemson University School of Architecture Centennial Symposia Series: Southern Roots + Global Reach. Check out who came!


And the Chautaugua 4.0 Panelists:

Photos from the Conference: