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The students of the Architecture + Health program are a combination of MA, MS, and Ph.D. candidates.  Our student body consists of a talented and diverse set of individuals that can work creatively on multiple levels of design and research.  We work in a collaborative atmosphere that enhances creativity through interaction and creates an engaged community of professors, March students, and M.S./Ph.D. students.  Check out our Studio and see what we're doing in our Featured Course and Studio Work.


Current Students:

Meet the current Students of the Architecture + Health Studio!

 Group Photo

2nd Year Master of Architecture Candidates:

Beheshti, Shahrouz | | Esfahan, Iran

Cao, Shicong | | Shenyang, China

Davis, Luke | | Athens, TX

Dodd, Lansing | | Santa Ana, CA

Girvan, Megan | | Houston, TX

Hopkins, Malone | | Gainesville, GA

Tuten, Laney | | Simpsonville, SC

Tuttle, Wenz | | Washington DC

Wyrick, Caroline | | Newnan, GA

1st Year Master of Architecture Candidates:

Bauer, Christin | | Augsburg, Germany

Cao, Xi | | Guiyang, China

Gresko, Mariah | | Phoenix, AZ

Jacobs, Bret | | Yorktown Heights, NY

Nguyen, Lam | | Gainesville, FL

Rajput, Sneha | | Pune, India

Shutlz, Hannah | | Alton, MD

Wines, Autumn | | Pittsburg, KS

Ph.D. Students:

Eichinger, Michelle | | Clemson, SC

Jafari, Roxana | | Clemson, SC

Joshi, Rutali | | Clemson, SC

Kiss, Chris | | Clemson, SC

Lewis, William | | Clemson, SC

Machry, Herminia | | Clemson, SC

Wingler, Deborah | | Clemson, SC


Featured Course and Studio Work:

The Student Work of the Architecture + Health Program is broken up between Thesis Projects, Comprehensive Studio Projects, and Selected Studio Work.

Featured Course and Studio Works