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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the program?
The two-years, 60 credit-hours, are only offered in Charleston, South Carolina. Our studios, classrooms and offices are located at the Clemson Design Center in the historic Cigar Factory (701 East Bay Street, Suite 202). 

When are applications due?
February 15

When are applications reviewed?
Applications are processed after the due date of February 15, therefore there are no early-application benefits. Responses are mailed by March 20th.

Can I start the program in the Spring? Can I take a few courses at a time?
This is a fall-start, full-time only graduate program.

Does the program follow the Clemson or College of Charleston Calendar?
Classes follow the CofC Calendar; Thesis and Financial deadlines follow Clemson’s calendar.

What sort of background should I have?
The MSHP Program is looking for students with diverse undergraduate disciplines from all over the world. Relevant work experience is helpful but not required.

Are standardized Tests Required?
The GRE is required, however there are no set standards for scores.

How many letters of recommendation are required? What other materials would I need to submit for consideration?
Two letters of recommendation. A well-conceived essay is crucial. A portfolio is helpful, even if the field of study is not preservation-related.

How much is tuition?
Tuition is $31,500 per year for both in-state and out-of-state students.

What type of aid is offered?
Students are automatically considered for merit-based stipends but most still need to secure other source of aid. Amounts vary depending on the yearly budget.

Would I be a College of Charleston or Clemson student?
Although admissions and tuition is processed by Clemson, you will be on the College of Charleston campus. The joint program gives the student full privileges at both schools, such as ID cards and health services.

How many students are in the program?
Each class has around 15 students.

When can I visit?
Campus visits are strongly encouraged so both you and the faculty can insure that the MSHP program is the best fit for you. Call us to arrange a visit during the academic year.