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Preservation Society of Charleston Best Thesis Award

Lauren Lindsey received the 2018 Best Thesis Award for her work Fostering Community: Spatial Arrangements of Early Nineteenth Century Camp Meeting Grounds in South Carolina.

Past Thesis Award Recipients:

2017: Benjamin Walker - Importing the Vernacular: An Analysis of the Panama Houses of the Former Charleston Navy Yard as an Adapted Regional Building Typology.

2016: Amanda Brown - City-Scaled Digital Documentation: A Comparative Analysis of Digital Documentation Technologies for Recording Architectural Heritage

2015: Amber Anderson - The Analysis of a Secondary Space: Bathrooms at Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

2014: Lindsay Lanois - The LeConte Lodge: A Lens for the Evolution and Development of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

2013: Julianne Johnson  - The Financial Impact of Historic Preservation Easements on Encumbered Property Appreciation Rates in Charleston, South Carolina

2012: Jamie Weidman - Ties That Bind: The Emergence of Iron Tie Rod Reinforcement in Load Bearing Masonry Buildings of Charleston, South Carolina

2011: Christine Mathieson - Ambition's Apex: The Private Art Gallery of the Aiken-Rhett House

Theses by year:

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2018 Thesis

  • Matt Amis - Reconstructing the Past for the Future: Denmark Vesey's Charleston as a Case Student in Building a Sustainable Digital Model
  • Alix Barrett - Out of the Woods: Stewardship of Historic Building in Francis Marion National Forest
  • Nathan Betcher - Mission Accomplished: Retaining Historic Integrity in Mission 66 National Park Service Visitor Centers
  • Sam Biggers - Orson Fowler's Influence in the Shenandoah Valley: The Gravel Wall Plan in Augusta County, Virginia
  • Claire Bushemi - Island Identities: Architectural Character Analysis of South Carolina Barrier Islands
  • Andrea Cooper - Structural Failure Patterns of Mid- Nineteenth Century Masonry Buildings of Charleston
  • Mary Fesak - Thoroughbred Training Landscapes of Aiken and Camden, South Carolina
  • Kate Gallotta - A Comparative Study of Public Policies for Revitalization in Greenville, SC and Macon, GA
  • Diana Inthavong - Come Hell or High Water: Flood Mitigation and Resilience in the Holy City
  • Lauren Lindsey - Fostering Community: Spatial Arrangements of Early Nineteenth Century Camp Meeting Grounds in South Carolina
  • Steven Lyles - Investigating Seismic Successes and Failures in 1886 Charleston
  • Katie Martin - Waves of Change: An Analysis of Protective Measures at Historically African American Beaches, and How Those Measures Can be used to Save American Beach
  • Torie McCullum - The Architecture of Keeping Animals: Preservation Responses of Changing Animal Welfare Ideals in Mid-Sized American Zoos
  • Kristina Poston - It's Not all Water Under the Bridge: Reevaluating Early Survey Methods in St. John's Parish, South Carolina

2017 Thesis

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2006 Theses

  • Adrienne N. Jacobsen - Memory and the Evolution of Modern Performance Spaces: Preservation Approaches at Charleston's Memminger Auditorium and Riviera Theater.
  • Angela R. Kleinschmidt - A Preservation Plan for North Charleston.
  • Jennifer-Kristine M. Mortensen - The Furnishing and Finishing of Drayton Hall.
  • Cameron Schwabenton - Remembering Randolph Hall: Reuniting the Interior with Its Monumental Past.
  • Joshua A. Skinner - The Evolution of the Chimneystack and Its Importance in Charleston Architecture.
  • Celeste E. Wiley - Making the Transition: Digital Archiving for Preservation.