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About Landscape Architecture

Lee Hall and neighbors

Landscape architecture is an intriguing and exciting interdisciplinary profession. It involves planning, designing and shaping the physical environment. Although it is an ancient activity, the profession was established in 1899 by the founders of American Society of Landscape Architects.

Landscape architects design at all scales from small sites to entire regions. They also work in densely populated urban areas to wilderness landscapes and everything in between. Practicing landscape architects bring art and science together.  Their designs are guided by an environmental ethic and a social imperative. They work on a variety of project types: ecological restoration, urban design, community development, parks and park systems, college campuses, golf courses, resorts, industrial and office parks, wetlands, waterfronts, cemeteries, and memorials to name a few.

Employment opportunities range in the private sector from small landscape architecture offices to large interdisciplinary firms. The National Park Service, U. S. Forest Service, State Departments of Natural Resources and local and state planning offices also employ landscape architects. Successful landscape architects are creative professionals and excellent facilitators who are able to bring numerous disciplines and professions together to work on complex projects in the landscape.