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Financial Information

Assistantship versus Financial Aid

Landscape Architecture offers a limited number of assistantships to MLA students based on the strength of their applications and their standing in the applicant pool; however, these students must still apply for placement to determine their best assistantship role among available positions. A limited number of external Public Service Assistantships (PSA) may also be available.  The number of assistantships available is limited by the budget in a given year. The Landscape Architecture program does not offer financial aid. For financial aid, see the University's Financial Aid webpage

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships employ full-time graduate students  to serve the Landscape Architecture program as a graduate teaching assistants (GTA), graduate research assistants (GRA), or graduate administrative assistants (GAA) in return for a stipend and tuition reduction. See the Graduate School's Graduate Assistantships, General for general information and Graduate Assistants, Types for the classification of assistantships. 

Application Process and Timing. Landscape Architecture accepts assistantship applications year round. However, the official deadline for graduate student admission is February 15. Review of applications start immediately and decisions are made in March and April. Applicants who wish to apply for funding must complete the MLA Graduate Funding Application Form (click to download).

Qualifications. Full-time graduate students (i.e., minimum enrollment of 9 credit hours) in good academic standing (i.e., GPA 3.0 and above) are eligible for consideration. For the Department of Landscape Architecture assistantships, the primary considerations for appointment are 1) academic performance, and 2) experience, or other qualifications for the employment role.    

Employment Period. Assistantships are for one year and follow the academic calendar. In some rare cases employment could be for one semester only.  Graduate Assistants work on the same schedule as faculty (i.e., including term breaks, but not official holidays). See the Graduate Assistantships, Holiday Leave policy.   

Payroll Paperwork. Students offered an assistantship must complete employment paperwork on campus and no later than August 15. If awarded an assistantship, the Student Services Program Coordinator will contact you regarding the specific paperwork that is required.

Responsibilities. Graduate assistants (GAs) serve faculty and Landscape Architecture program as teaching, research, and administrative assistants. GAs in Landscape Architecture are required to work an average of 10 hours per week, for a total of 150 hours per semester. See the Enrollment Limits policy and chart and the Maximum Work Hours policy. Assistants must keep a current time log, and must be prepared to give a copy of this to their primary supervisor, student services coordinator, or department head upon request. 

International Students. International students must have a high level of English language ability to qualify for most assistantships; teaching, administrative, and research assistants all need a high level of English language proficiency. International students employed in labs must also have the requisite skills. See the International Student Employment, Graduate Assistantship policy.  

Renumeration. Graduate assistants receive a stipend per semester and pay a reduced tuition rate. (Graduate School Tuition & Fees webpage). The pay period is the 15th and the last work day of the month.  

Renewal. Assistantships are for one year only and do not automatically renew. Even if your financial aid account shows an assistantship as continuing, this is due to a lag in the accounting process—assistantships do not automatically renew. A highly qualified graduate student who has performed well as an assistant will be considered for another assistantship during the next application process. 

Termination. Assistants may be terminated for not carrying out assistantship responsibilities, including not working the required 10 hours per week, and will be required to pay the balance of remitted tuition. See the Graduate Assistants, Termination for Cause policy. Assistants are required to maintain good academic standing; students on academic probation (i.e., with a GPA below 3.0) will not be eligible for an assistantship, and GAs placed on academic probation after the fall semester will lose their assistantship for the spring semester. See the Termination for Academic Deficiency policy.

Graduate School Policies. For all Graduate School policies related to assistantships, see the Graduate School's Financial Policies webpage.