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Genoa, Italy

The Charles E. Daniel Center for Building Research and Urban Studies has been made possible by generous gifts and support of the Clemson Advancement Foundation for Design & Building. Clemson University, through the College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities administers, coordinates and conducts all academic work at the Center.

Accommodating up to twenty-two (22) students per semester (10 undergraduate and 10 graduate), the Daniel Center provides living and dining, related facilities. The Daniel Center faculty and staff are:

  • Silvia Carroll, Administrative Director
  • Cristina Lagomarsino, Cook
  • Lucia Ruggiero, Housekeeper
  • Saverio Fera, Visiting Professor
  • Henrique Houayek, Professor in Residence
  • Giuditta Poletti, Italian faculty
  • Alessandro Rocca, Italian faculty
  • Luca Rocco, Italian faculty


What is now known as the Daniel Center was built by Mr. Arturo Caimi in 1899. The Clemson Architectural Foundation (now known as The Clemson Advancement Foundation) purchased the villa in 1973 from Anna Vallarino Sciarra and Regina Vallarino Dufour, the heirs of Ada Dacco. At the time of the purchase, the villa was known as the "Villa Chichizola."

The villa was discovered and purchased by Dr. Harlan E. McClure (founder and Dean of Clemson University's College of Architecture from 1955-1984) and his friend and colleague, Dr. Cesare Fera, who was the Daniel Center's Director from 1973 until his death in 1995.

The Center is named after Mr. Charles E. Daniel who was the founder of the Daniel Construction Company, now Fluor Daniel, a subsidiary of the Fluor Corporation. In the late 1970's, Mr. Daniel's wife, Homozel M. Daniel, donated money to the Clemson Architectural Foundation in order to secure the ownership of the villa.

Academic Program

Students attending the Daniel Center take a total of fifteen (15) credit hours of classes: one (1) studio depending on major, and three (3) Genoa-specific courses which vary from semester to semester.

Usually, these classes consist of field sketching, Italian architectural history, architectural theory or Italian Rationalism. Students will be contacted before departure to Italy by the professor-in-residence or Regina Foster regarding available courses and/or required texts.

All students take:
Dsign 4120/6120 History Research 3
Dsign 4140/6140 Design Seminar 3
Dsign 4160/6160 Field Studies 3

And, depending on major, one of the following studios:
Dsign 3520/3540 Architecture Studio 6
Dsign 4520/4540 Architecture Studio 6
Arch 8500 Architecture Studio 6
LARC 4510 or 4520 Landscape Studio 6
ART 8400 Visual Arts Studio 6
CPR 8600 Planning Studio 6
CSM 8500 Construction Studio 6 cr. hr.
*Section number for Genoa is 6010