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Course Descriptions

LARCH 1160     History of Landscape Architecture
The history of design on the land from prehistory to the present. Overview of the interface of aesthetics, science, technology, and natural features that influence cultures in shaping places.

LARCH 1280     Technical Graphics
Introduction to rendering techniques, plan graphics, 3-D projection drawings, drafting skills, perspective drawing, and overview of computer graphics.

Prerequisite: landscape architecture major

LARCH 2510     Landscape Architecture Design Fundamentals
Development of compositional skills introduced in Basic Design I and II applied to design in the landscape. Through design projects, readings and discussion, students derive and apply design principles to place, study the processes and styles of design, and develop an understanding of design types.

Prerequisite: LARCH 1520 or consent of instructor

LARCH 2520     Site Design in Landscape Architecture
Students engage in real site design projects. They will carry forward lessons from LARCH 251 and consider the material qualities and details of their designs. Also, included are participatory and social behavioral aspects of design. Readings and seminar discussions will be emphasized.

Prerequisite : LARCH 2510 or consent of instructor

LARCH 2620     Design Implementation I
Basics of landscape architecture construction, methods and construction documents including site information gathering and analysis, basic site grading and drainage, cut and fill, and principles of storm water management. Explorations in computer and hand graphic techniques used in construction drawings.

Prerequisite: sophomore standing or consent of instructor

LARCH 3510     Regional Design and Ecology
Study and analysis of natural and cultural landscapes at the regional scale. Introduction of landscape ecology as an informant to design. Basic overview of geographic information systems. Regional and ecological issues will be applied in a final site design. The course will also include relevant readings, discussion and writing.

Prerequisite: LARCH 2520 or consent of instructor

LARCH 3520     Urban Design Studio
Landscape architectural design in the urban context. Students will study urban issues and offer design solutions for urban areas. The course will include a readings and theory component as well as an opportunity to collaborate with architecture students.

Prerequisite(s): LARCH 3510 or consent of instructor

LARCH 3620     Design Implementation II
Advanced study in construction documents and methods including road alignment, complex site grading and storm water management. Exploration of characteristics, strengths, nominal sizes and uses of materials (brick, concrete, stone, wood). Fieldtrips, exercises, and preparation of construction documents. Students gain an understanding of how design ideas are realized in form.

Prerequisite: LARCH 2620 or consent of instructor

LARCH 4050 / 6050     Urban Genesis and Form
An exploration of urban forms and developments within their historic context through off-campus on-site lectures and exposure to historic cities and sites. Students visit historic and contemporary cities and analyze those places through readings and direct observations

Prerequisite: LARCH 2520 or consent of instructor

LARCH 4180     Off-Campus Site Studies
Students will study various cultural and environmental factors to inform and enhance their off-campus experiences in Istanbul, Barcelona, Genoa, or Charleston.

Prerequisite: landscape architecture student, junior or senior standing

LARCH 4210     Landscape Architectural Seminar
Lectures and seminars dealing with pertinent topics related to environmental, technological and theoretical issues in landscape architecture, land planning, and urban design.

Prerequisite: Senior standing or consent of instructor.

LARCH 4230 / 6230    Environmental Issues in Landscape Architecture
An overview of environmental and ecological issues and the relationship to landscape architecture practice and design.

Prerequisite: LARCH 4520 or consent of instructor

LARCH 4280
Computer Aided Design
Introduction to the basics of computer applications such as AutoCAD, FormZ, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign that are used in the design process for conceptualizing, drafting, modeling, and graphic communication.

Prerequisite: Landscape architecture major or consent of instructor

LARCH 4330 / 6330     Historic Preservation in Landscape Architecture
Study of historic landscape preservation in a number of contexts including gardens, vernacular landscapes, parks, cemeteries, and battlefields

Prerequisite: LARCH 4520 or consent of instructor

LARCH 4380     Advanced Computer Aided Design
Advanced study in computer aided design for students wishing to develop their skills beyond LARCH 4280. Students will develop advanced skills in illustrative drawings, construction drawings, desktop publishing and other computer based applications.

Prerequisite: LARCH 4280 or consent of instructor

LARCH 4430 / 6430     Community Issues in Landscape Architecture
In-depth study of issues relevant to community design. Overview of physical design and related social issues.

Prerequisite: LARCH 4520 or consent of instructor

LARCH 4510     Community Design Studio
Studio focused on the study and design of communities. Students will design a mixed-use parcel on a large tract of land. The course will include readings and a theory component.

Prerequisite: LARCH 3520 or consent of instructor

LARCH 4520     Off-Campus Studio
Off-campus landscape architecture studio in Istanbul, Charleston, Genoa, or Barcelona.

Prerequisite: LARCH 4510 or consent of instructor

LARCH 4530 / 6530     Key Issues in Landscape Architecture
Overview of research in landscape architecture and study of relevant research methods. Students will write a proposal for their own project positioned within the larger context of research in the profession.

Prerequisite: Fifth-year LARCH student, or consent of instructor

LARCH 4620     Landscape Architectural Technology III
Continuation of LARCH 3620.

Prerequisite: LARCH 3620.

LARCH 4900     Directed Studies and Projects in Landscape Architecture
Directed Studies and Projects in Landscape Architecture Comprehension studies and/or research of special topics not covered in other landscape architectural courses. Prerequisite: Junior standing and consent of department head.

LARCH 5030     Landscape Architecture Portfolio II
Final portfolio course. Student academic and design experiences over the five-year program will be put in the final form that best communicates their experiences and achievements.

Prerequisite: LARCH 1030
LARCH 5520  Landscape Architecture Exit Project
Studio work on student-selected professional level exit project including design-build project or substantive research project.  Exit studio synthesizes and builds on skills developed throughout the landscape architecture program.

Prerequisite: LARCH 4520