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Undergraduate Programs

Undegraduate Students

Established in 1987, the landscape architecture program has grown from having six students to over 140. Changes in the faculty have accompanied this growth. An internationally renowned faculty has expertise in professional practice, health and design, ecology, historic preservation, computer applications, urban design, international study, and community development. The subject matter appeals to students who are creative, who have a fascination with how things can be improved, who like to observe people and are interested in the environment. Hands-on experience, a requirement of the program, brings enthusiasm and excitement to the study of landscape architecture and produces graduates who are ready to be employed as professionals in the field. 

The program's location in Lee Hall gives students the important opportunity to interact with faculty and other students in the allied areas of city and regional planning, real estate development, architecture, and construction science and management. Off campus and exchange programs offer outstanding learning experience in three cities: Charleston, South CarolinaGenova, Italy, and Barcelona, Spain.